Who we are

Anti-MAP.org is maintained by a volunteer community of researchers, patients, family and friends, who's primary focus is on research related to detection and fight against Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP), its relationship to Crohn's Disease, find more effective treatments for Crohn's Disease and ultimately find a cure for Crohn's Disease.



Anti-MAP.org is a resource for people to learn about what we know today about the relationship between MAP and Crohn's Disease and the research that is ongoing to discover what we don't know.  It also serves to create a network of people that have an interest in advancing the science related to MAP and the treatment of Crohn's Disease.


Meeting the mission

To meet the above mission, the website will implement the following features:

  • Information portal for published research with links to the original sources.  Ideally this is organized and curated to simplify the discovery process for those new to either Crohn's or MAP.  Content should mostly be unfiltered with little to no editorial content. 
  • Publish original content from professionals in the field that are participating in advancing the science.
  • Forum for those in the community to discuss topics related to Crohn's Disease, MAP and/or related topics.
  • With permission, contact information of healthcare professionals that are willing to assist patients in the pursuit of an appropriate treatment for their disease.
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