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If you have opened this page, you probably have Crohn’s Disease or another inflammatory bowel disease, or you love somebody with Crohn’s, or perhaps you are a healthcare professional and a patient has asked you about unconventional ways to treat Crohn’s Disease. You may be feeling very poorly, and perhaps you have no formal scientific training.  Yet you have come to question the conventional ways to treat Crohn’s, and so you are looking for other answers.

I understand, because I was in those shoes.  I was terribly sick with Crohn’s, and facing the possibility that I might not be able to work due to disability, or I might have to give up my farm and pets due to the risks of infection posed by immune suppressants used to treat Crohn’s.  However, in a combination of luck, generous help from other people, and hardcore scientific research, I was able to go from having treatment resistant Crohn’s to no illness at all, maybe even a cure, although I am hesitant to use that word.  I am living a completely normal life now, taking no medications for Crohn’s, eating anything I want, even in third world countries, and have no pain, no symptoms, and normal colonoscopies and inflammatory parameters.  The way this happened was not magical or spiritual; it involved no psychotherapy or stress reduction. I learned a lot of microbiology, and was able to link my own internist to a specialist who taught her how to help me. I was treated from early 2005 to 2010, and that seems to have eradicated my illness. The point of this essay is to help you learn how to do the same thing.

This whole web site exists to explore the question, do people get sick with Crohn’s disease or other inflammatory bowel disease because they have caught an infection?  Most doctors answer no. The standard medical explanation is that Crohn’s is caused by an “autoimmune disease”, that means that a person’s body attacks itself.  Some gastroenterologists think that Crohn’s is caused by a “dysbiosis” in the “microbiome”, which means that there is an unhealthy unbalance among the germs that populate the intestine.  Our premise on this website is that there is sufficient scientific evidence to show that Crohn’s Disease in people is essentially the same illness as Johne’s Disease in other animals, a chronic debilitating diarrheal illness caused by Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). It is a very specific germ that infects many other mammals, including cows, goats, and sheep.  It is my opinion that if Crohn’s is an infection, it should be treated as such, not treated by suppressing the immune system.

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